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The Rat Rod Wagon

Here is a cool idea for a big Chrysler wagon...Make a surfer rat-rod!

This rat-rod is a 1970 Sport Fury GT Station Wagon. It is slammed, and/or on bags. The rear end is a 1974-75 Imperial unit, with rear disc brakes. The body is painted TX9 Black, albeit in a Matte finish. The wood paneling was dropped in favor of real oak and mahogany! The Fury was detrimmed, the sidemarker lights could be sold on ebay to pay for most of the car (they interchange with 1970-71 'Cudas)!

The R/B powerplant was yanked, and 426 Hemi could be dropped in easily. The 727 will be rebuilt with a reverse-pattern manual valve body. The shifter, if originally a column-shift unit, gets a shark for a shifter (a la Kelly's Roach).If the wagon was originally a floor-mounted console, or has bucket seats, a giant 3' tall shifter, complete with a hard carved tiki-head shift knob to fit the bill. The last detail, aside from red pinstripes, red steelies with whitewalls, is the surf-board shaped rearview mirror from Moon.

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