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1971 Skylark

This Buick isn't like every other Skylark that has a big-block 455 stuffed in to it masquerading as a rare super car that it isn't. This one is a legit Skylark, and it will stay that way.

It will have, however plenty of GSX accounterments, and those wild vertical-lift doors.

The car itelf is painted the 2003-2004 Infinity G35 color Caribbean Blue (code B16). The GSX stripes are painted Porsche Zanzibar red (code 1A8). The chin spoilers and wing are rendered in Carbon. The rear bumper is a '72 Chevelle unit, mated to the lower section of the Skylark bumper. (The Buick's bumper spans from the trunk lid to the tailpipes, while the Chevy unit has a filler panel that is about four inches tall, the width of the car) N25 exhuast tips exit just underneath of the license plate area.

The interior is either white leather, completely stock, and full of conveinences usually reserved for luxurious Buicks. Name it, this one will have it.

What will this car have for power, a built stage 1 455, a big block Chevy? Nope. A V12 out of an eighties 400i or 412. Why those cars and not a modern Ferrari?

The 400 series cars were the "gentlemen's tourer", and featured automatic transmissions. Who made those transmissions, you ask? General Motors! Yes, the same automatic transmission that were originally availible in the Skylarks were in Ferraris. Armed with that knowledge, that makes mating the Italian heart to this beast. Transmissions are anybody's bag, taking the transmission out of the Ferrari as well makes for a great automatic cruiser. Not content with selecting "D" from the floor-mounted console? Neither is Kelly.

Dump the Ferrari five-speed, and take a T56 (seems to be his transmission of choice!) six-speed, slap it in, and go!

The other Italian influence are the wheels. Take a look at the Marchesinis on Ducati 999s and one doesn't have to guess where the wheels on the Skylark come from!

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