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The 1958 Dodge!

My love affair with this car started the night my father picked me up from the airport my first night back in California, in June of 2001. I instantly recognized this car, as it was virtually identical to one in an article I read about in the now-defunct High Performance Mopar Magazine as a kid entitled "Street and Strip Brawling in a '58 Dodge". The major difference being the one in the article was a two-door D-500, and mine was a four door hardtop. I was instantly in love!

I paid $3,000 for this car, with less than 85,000 original miles on it. This car was my closest friend for four years, and my education in Forwardlook Mopar.

Life beckoned in 2005, and while the car was in the middle of a powertrain swap, I had to part with my beloved Coronet, and $1,675.00 later, and with a broken heart, we parted ways, as the car headed to Apple Valley. I left sunny Hermosa Beach for Arizona, and made the transition from Classic Mopars (I did have a brief stint with a '55 Dodge truck) to Motorcycles.

In April of 2010, I got a very surprising email, from a gentleman named Erik Bronkhurst, who lived in the Netherlands. It read:

"Hey Kelly,

I am Eric Bronkhorst from the Netherlands and I want to know if this e-mail address of yours is correct. I bought a car from the US and I saw on the internet that the car, which is now here in front of me, has been yours. I wil send you a foto I made in Holland when I picked up the car. Please let me know if you got this e-mail."

I couldn't believe what I saw, my old car!

Long may she run!

So... On to the pictures of my misadventures in ForwardLook Mopar!

Photos of Kelly and the Dodge, 2001.

Kelly's Dodge, 2002.

Kelly's Dodge, 2003

Kelly's Dodge, including Track Day, Photo Shoot, Cars in the Morning 2004.

Kelly's Dodge, and the Restoration Project.

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